Changing Diapers

Your baby will need frequent diaper changes in the first few months and frequent changes would also prevent the development of rash and irritation on his/her sensitive bottom..

Tips for changing your baby’s diaper:

• Get everything you need for a diaper change ready and close by (clean cloth, wet wipes, towel, a clean wet cloth).
• Wash your hands before starting the diaper change.

• Find things to occupy your baby as you change his/her diaper. A mobile with toys hanging from above, a music box or mechanical toys would occupy your baby and gain you valuable time

 • For hygienic reasons, place a protective cloth under your baby before starting the diaper change.

 • Unfasten your baby’s diaper and wipe off any remaining poop by using the front of the diaper. Clean your baby’s front with warm water or damp baby wipe or cloth and make sure to reach all the creases. Then lift up his/her legs and clean his/her bottom; slip off the dirty diaper from under him/her as you place the clean one in..

 • Dispose of the dirty diaper hygienically. If there is solid poop, dump it in the toilet bowl.

 • After the diaper change is completed wash your hands with warm water and soap.