The babies are required to be fed only on breast-milk during the first 6 months of their lives. If the amount of the breast milk is not sufficient or the baby declines to breastfeed, the nutrition needs of the baby could be met by supplementary bottle feeds.


Breastfeeding tips:

1- Before starting to breastfeed the mother must wash her hands to prevent contaminating her baby and wipe her nipples with clean water.

2- Mother must settle in a seat that supports her back in a comfortable, clean and warm environment.

3- She must hold the baby with his/her face and body turned towards her and her arm holding the baby’s head must be supported underneath by a pillow if necessary. The head of the baby must be placed in the crook of the arm, as the same arm is used to secure the hip and legs of the baby.r.

4- During the breastfeeding process the mother and baby must be comfortable and establish eye contact.

5- Before starting the breastfeeding process, the cleaned nipple must be stimulated with the help of the thumb and forefinger and then used to help the baby open up her mouth by touching the tip to his/her lips. The breast must be held in C formation in the unoccupied hand as the nipple is touched on baby’s lips without the hand touching the nipple or the areola. When the baby opens his/her mouth, place the nipple and areola (the darker part surrounding the nipple) in baby’s mouth to start breastfeeding.