Baby Care


Babies swallow air during breast or bottle feeding. The air swallowed can cause your baby to become gassy in the aftermath of the feeding. For this reason it would be necessary to burp your baby every five minutes when breastfeeding and intermittently when bottle feeding. To do this, hold your baby against your shoulder, or in your lap with his/her face to the side or in a straight sitting position. The symptoms of comfort your baby displays would be an indicator of which one of these 3 methods would best suit her/him as you gently pat or rub your baby’s back.


Holding the baby to your shoulder: Hold your baby firmly to your shoulder as you grab his/her bottom in one hand and gently pat his back with other. This method of holding usually yields the best results. In the meantime, don't forget to cover up your shoulder with a clean cloth/towel.
Laying your baby on your lap with his face facing the side: Lay your baby on your lap with his/her face to the side on one of your legs and his/her tummy on your other leg. Hold your baby firmly in place with one hand and gently pat his/her back with the other.

Hold your baby sitting up: Sit your baby in your lap with his/her head tilted forward and gently pat his/her back as you support him/her on the chest with the heel of your other hand. Rub your baby’s back.

Cutting your baby’s nails 

Cutting a newborn’s nails could be a cause for concern for parents.  Due to their underdeveloped muscles babies could easily scratch their faces and even their retinas as their nails grow. Although it may seem difficult to you, cutting the nails of a baby could be as easy as cutting paper. What is difficult is to hold the baby steady when cutting his/her nails. If your baby’s sleep is deep and you are not scared of waking him/her up you can try cutting his/her nails in his/her sleep. If your baby is awake, ensure that there is someone to hold him or her steady as you cut his/her nails. Always use scissors specific to babies with rounded tips.

Care of the Umbilical Cord Stump

Pay attention to the following to prevent infection:

 * Fold the front of the diaper down to ensure the area is not in contact with urine and is well aired.
 * Don’t bathe your baby in a tub and don’t wet the area until the stump falls off.

* Wipe the cord stump with alcohol. This ensures that the cord stump remains clean and dry.

 * Consult your doctor if the tummy area is red or there is a leak of fluid.

 * Use antiseptics containing iodine after consulting your doctor as iodine could be absorbed into the skin and suppress the release of thyroid hormone.