Bathing your baby

You don’t need to bathe your baby as long as he/she is not really dirty and needs bathing. A partial cleaning of your baby either during a diaper change or after feeding will be sufficient enough. Bathing your baby 3 or 4 times a week and giving him/her a sponge bath on a daily basis by cleaning critical body parts (face, neck, head, bottom) would be enough.

Bathing tips:

- Check whether the temperature in the room is sufficient before starting to bathe your baby.

-Prepare and keep close the things you may need during the bathing process.

- Start with your baby’s face and clean both of his/her eyes with damp clean cotton balls starting from the bridge of the nose and moving towards the corner of the eye. Wash the rest of the face with a soft and damp cloth without soap. Clean the outer folds of the ear with a soft cloth. Add some baby soap to a cloth and clean your baby’s body gently starting from his/her neck and moving downwards. Rinse him/her with a clean wet cloth. Make sure that the umbilical cord stump remains dry. Lastly wash your baby’s hair with shampoo and then rinse with water. Make sure that the water is not spilled on your baby’s face. When finished, rinse your baby with the help of a clean washing cloth.