About Us

Akturk Group, which started its operations in the food sector in the year 1970 in Mardin Midyat, moved to Gaziantep in 1992 to take advantage of the strategic location of this city and continued its operations, spanning half a century, both in retail and wholesale markets. Akturk Group has displayed a stable growth since its establishment and presently exports its products to many countries across the world; the company built up on its successes in electronic, foreign trade and food sectors and has achieved great customer satisfaction in all including the health sector that it has expanded into.

With the establishment of Akturk Health in 2013, the group launched Flyfix baby diapers and expanded into the field of women and adult hygiene. The company manufactures baby diapers, cleaning wipes, adult patient diapers and sanitary pads in facilities established with the help of a significant R&D investment and equipped with advanced technology.

Flyfix baby diapers have become the most preferred brand especially in the Middle East thanks to the wide waist band, soft texture and advanced design of the product. In addition to the baby diapers, Flyfix wet wipes have also been introduced to the market as the company continues to make R&D investments and manufacture and market its world class products in the domestic markets.